Anger Is Not Worth It

In this day and age, we are surrounded with anger and hate. Everyone has something negative to say about something or someone. This is the unfortunate sad reality, we would think by now we would more advanced and know how to act like a descent human being.

Anger is a powerful emotion, and we have all experienced. I know I have, many times. This emotion is very negative and it is vital to learn how to control it. I wouldn’t call myself an angry person but I do get annoyed easily. What can I say, I just can’t tolerate stupidity. As harsh as that sounds. Also I wouldn’t call myself confrontational, but if someone disrespects me I would definitely speak up.

However, something happened last week that really taught me about choosing to let it go and be the bigger person. There is a woman who lives in my neighborhood,  I have spoken to her once, so I know she is in her 60s. The first time I ever saw her was on a bright Spring day, in my neighborhood. I have just gotten off the bus and I noticed she was admiring a dog that was passing by. The owner was clearly lost in thought and on top of that she was also listening to music. The elderly woman attempted to stop the girl by talking in a cutesy voice to her dog. However, the dog owner did not notice and she continued walking. I too had my headphones on, but I saw her say the word “b****”, saying it repeatedly. She noticed I was staring and she quickly reassured me she wasn’t saying it to me. If she did, I wouldn’t let it go, that’s for sure.

Fast forward to this year, I was at the subway station with my coworker waiting for the bus. We noticed there was a new bus, not the regular and it was named differently. I made a comment about it to my coworker and this same woman walked up to us and said “I know right, can’t they spell properly. Stupid people”. I usually have a very accurate intuition about people and I never got a good vibe from this woman from the very beginning. She spoke to us, but I didn’t say much because I was trying not to engage in a conversation with her. I got on the bus and she sat down next to me. I decided to be polite and give her the benefit of the doubt. We engaged in a conversation, talking about life. This sounds overly philosophical. Anyway, she then began with a rant about how some people need to go back to their country and leave ours. She was being very hateful, and I told her “well I’m an immigrant”. She asked where I’m from and I said Bulgaria. “Oh a European, you’re good! Europeans are nice”. I was stunned, I didn’t know how to respond, so I stayed quiet. Racism and discrimination is something I do not tolerate. The next thing she complained about was a child at the library. She was saying how the child was loud and no one was doing anything about it. “I wish they could shut up that f****** kid”, she said. I was appalled she would speak that way about a child. We got off the bus, walked over to my part of the neighbourhood and said our goodbyes.

I was never planning on speaking to her again, as I know what she is like. Last week I ran into her again but she clearly forgot who I was, because I tried to smile at her. She was walking out of the subway station and I was just behind her, about to walk out too. Thinking she would hold the door for me to exit the station, she closed it in my face. I began to shake my head in a disapproving way. She noticed me doing that, she began saying some things but I had my headphones on so I couldn’t hear her. I pulled down my headphones, and she was mumbling angrily to herself. I was sipping my water and looking at her, when she caught a glimpse of me looking at her, she would quickly turn her head. I stood there not too far from her and just watched her. I was trying to analyze her behavior and try to understand why she was so angry for something she didn’t do right. I thought of confronting her, but then I stopped myself.

Why did I do that? Here is why, first of all she is elderly so if I engaged in an argument I would look bad. I wasn’t planning on giving her that advantage. Second, for a mature woman to act in such disrespectful manner, it means she is very childish. I wouldn’t want to stoop down to her level. I did feel angry, but I thought about it rationally.
So if you ever feel angry, do the following:

1. Breathe. Take a deep breath before you decide to lash out.

2. Accept you are angry, acknowledge your feelings. Dismissing them, does more harm than good.

3. Assess the situation. Is there a possibility of it escalating? Is it worth? Most likely, you won’t gain anything from lashing out.

4. Be the bigger person. Don’t stoop down to the level of petty people, some people are not worth your time or emotions.

5. Vent! Talk to someone and get it off your chest, or have a journal where you can let it all out.

Image result for you will not be punished for your anger

When we are angry we do not think clearly, so it is important to pay close attention to your emotions and learn to control them. It’s hard, but it can be managed and once you start, one day it will become a habit.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Look forward to tomorrow’s post because we will take a look back at my anime past 🙂

See you soon!


Unicorn Frappucino!

Yes, you read the tittle right! Starbucks recently dropped a new Frappucino flavour called Unicorn Frapp. At first I thought people were joking around and the drink was probably photoshopped.

So I did so more investigation and I decided to look at the #unicornfrappucino, and there were countless of pictures and videos. Since I’m a Starbucks lover, I had to try this and it has the word ‘unicorn’ in it. I just had to guys.


Unicorn Frappucino Nutrition Facts

I tried it and here is my final verdict about the drink. First off all, it is so pretty and colourful. When you first take a sip, it could be difficult to figure out the taste. It tastes fruity, but I couldn’t figure out what kind of fruit I was tasting. Then someone said that it tastes like jolly ranchers. It definitely does and I love jolly ranchers. So overall the drink is delicious, but what’s on the whip cream is not so yum.

On the whip cream there are some blue and pink sprinkles, when you mix up the drink it begins to taste like Vitamin C medicine. You know the round dissolvable Vitamin C tablets, well it tastes exactly like that.

I would recommend to get the drink without the whip cream, because without the whip cream the drink is not bad. So go out there unicorns and try the Unicorn Frappucino. Personally for me, this is the only time I would buy this drink. It’s good, but not amazing. I will give this drink a 7/10.

If you’ve tried it, let me know what you think about the drink and whether or not you’ll get it again.

See you soon!

My, “Me” Year!

Every year is different from the previous one, it teaches us something every time in order to evolve as a human being. Last year, was indeed one of the toughest and turbulent years for me in a long time. I had my fair share of challenges in life, but last year was the ultimate test. I was faced with many challenging personalities, who tested my patience and emotional well being. In addition, it was also a year when I got sick frequently, I work with children so I was exposed to their illnesses. I had the flu, sinus infections, ear infections, strep throat, I was also borderline anemic. I am fine now, thank goodness. Also, I am going through a career change so I overworked myself a lot with my daily job and volunteering like crazy to gain experience in my new field.

In conclusion, I did not take care of myself and I didn’t do things for myself to alleviate the stress. I am the type of person that does a lot for others, I will put other peoples needs before my own. I realized how catastrophic that was for me! That’s why I made the decisions that 2017 will be a year about me. I will do things that make me happy, I will try something new that I’ve never done before and I will work on recognizing when I need to rest. It’s good to be ambitious, but I’m not super human and I have my limits. Overworking yourself can lead to poor sleeping patterns, poor eating such as overeating or not eating enough. In my case, I was overeating and eating mostly junk food because when I’m stressed or tired I like to eat a lot. Caring for others is something I will always do, but there has to be a balance. This year I want create that balance, because we all need to tend to our own needs. There is negative notion attached to caring about yourself too much, some may say it’s selfish. The selfishness is present when you hurt others with your behavior and completely disregard them. It is when you do not care about how you affect others with your behavior and become completely unemphatic to other people’s feelings. That’s when you are selfish.

Tending to your own needs, and doing more of what makes you happy is not. It is a life necessity. When you are happy and do things that make you happy, then people around you will be influenced from your positive energy. Who doesn’t want to see their friends or family members be happy, instead of being miserable.


You may ask me, how am I making this year about me? Well, I will tell you and I hope I can inspire you to do the same if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

1.Start dance classes.

I love to dance and I’ve always wanted to dance on stage, I’m not aiming to be famous but I want to perform with my local dance studio. Last month I joined DanceLife X studio in Toronto and it was so much fun.

2. Begin Acting Again.

Growing up I had a passion for musical theater, but when immigrated to Canada I pushed that goal aside because my family was adjusting to a new country. See this is where the “putting other peoples needs, before mine” comes into play. However, I believe  everything happens for a reason and back then it probably wasn’t the right time to pursue this path. Now, I am part of play that’s held monthly at the Sick Kids hospital and eventually, I want to find an agent and do commercial work.

3. Live Abroad.

I have always wanted to live in Japan, this time I am actively looking into the opportunity to make this big move. If it happens, I plan to stay there for only a year and then return to Canada. I’ve heard from many people that living abroad is life changing and right now I need a life changing experience.

4. Learn To Say No.

There are times when I don’t want to do something, for example if I want to relax all weekend watching Netflix in bed, then that’s exactly what I’ll do. In the past, if someone were to ask to go somewhere I would have to put aside what I want and go out. I am very social, however, there have been times I have gone out when I was sick because I felt bad for cancelling plans. So this year, if I feel uncomfortable about something, or I don’t want to go somewhere I will say no.

5. Distance Myself from Negative People.

Misery likes a little company, I think that’s what the saying was. Sometimes there are negative people who make you feel bad about yourself, or they pass on their negative energy onto you. No one is a garbage bin for anyone’s negativity, you deserve happiness and calmness in your life. I work with people who are negative, I have acquaintances who are negative so I have decided to distance myself from them completely. Remember who have to kind to yourself!

6. Be Healthier.

I want to focus on eating healthier food, exercising more and get back to doing yoga. Having good health is a big part of your well being, so it is important to get daily exercise and to eat better food.

With that being said, I want to hear do any of you have any personal goals for yourself this year and is there anything you would like to change or do better?

I look forward to reading your comments 🙂

Thanks again for reading and see you soon!



Why I Love Japan!

This year I am thinking of making some big decisions and one of them is to decide whether or not I should move to Japan for a year. This thought and inspiration came from my friend who moved from Canada to New Zealand. I admire people who follow their heart and her bold move made me feel inspired to take a risk.

Obviously, this is a big decision especially for someone like me who has never been on my own. Some may ask, “Why Japan, what’s so special about Japan”, well I’ve wanted to visit Japan ever since I was 13 years old. Japan is the only country I am willing to move to and live there for a certain period of time.

With that being said, I want to answer a few questions about Japan and give an insight about how I feel about Japan.

Let’s begin.

1. What got you interested in Japan and Japanese culture?

I’ve been interested in Asian culture since I was 5 years old, I always considered it unique. It’s so interesting to me to see how people live in other countries! However, I became more interested in Japan because of anime. I’ve known about anime from a young age, but I really got into it when I was 13. I initially wanted to go to Japan for the anime, but when I stopped watching anime I began to appreciate Japan for its culture, history and traditions. I’ve met Japanese people here in Canada and they seem so polite and well mannered and I love being around kind people. Obviously, every country has its pros and cons, but right now I only see the pros 🙂

2. Do you want to go to Japan? If so, where?

Definitely, this is the only country I am willing to move to and live there for set period of time.

3. What do you like most about Japan/Japanese culture?

I like the mannerisms of Japanese people, they are respectful and polite. Their culture and traditions are unique and interesting to me. I love their temples, the historic architecture and the history itself. Also Japanese people love Bulgarians because our yogurt is exported to Japan. One day when I went to buy some items from the Japanese grocery store, the store owner asked me where I’m from and I said “Bulgaria”. He told me, “Oh we love your yogurt”, it was kind of funny actually 🙂

4. If you could bring ANYTHING from Japan back to the place you live in, what would you bring?

Well, since it says anything then I would bring back the way people treat each other. I’m sure there are rude people in Japan, but they are more rude people in here. As I said earlier, I like being around kind and respective people, we need more of those in life.

5. Are you able to speak some Japanese? If so, type some words you know and teach the community! If not, are you considering learning?

I know some word and phrases, but I cannot speak Japanese. However, here are some words and phrases I can say in Japanese.

  • Moshi, Moshi (a phrase Japanese people say when they answer the phone)
  • Ii tenki desu ne? (Isn’t the weather wonderful today)
  • Ja ne (see you later)
  • Tomodachi (friend)
  • Konichiwa, watashi wa namae wa, Radostina, yoroshiku onegaishimasu ( Hello, my name is Radostina, pleased to meet you)

This gives you a brief glimpse of some of the words and phrases that I know. There are very basic, but it’s a good start to learning Japanese.

6. What is your favorite Japanese dish?

I like many , but my favorite are sushi and ramen.

7. What is your favorite Japanese sweet/candy?

I love taiyaki, a fish shaped pastry with red bean filling and I also love Pocky or any Meiji brand chocolate treats.

8. Do you listen to J-pop? Who is your favorite group? (Add a song so others can listen!)

I do listen to J-pop, but not as much as I used when I was a teenager. Some of my favorites are Ayumi Hamasaki, Nami Tamaki, Attack All Around, ARASHI, Namie Amuro, and many more.

9. If you woke up in Japan the next morning, what would be the first thing you do?

I would go down to Shibuya and have breakfast at the cutest cafe 🙂 maybe this Fall I will get to do that 🙂

Thank you all for reading, if you have gone to Japan or live in Japan as a foreigner, comment below and share your thoughts and experiences.

See you soon!

Upcoming Post (February Monthly Favorites)

Bell Let’s Talk

It’s that time of the year again, Bell Let’s Talk, the campaign that brings awareness to mental health and helps break the stigma surrounding mental health. Every time you text and join in the conversation on social media, Bell will donate  5¢ more to mental health initiatives.

This yearly event is important because mental health is more prominent for this generation, many people are affected but at the same time they are reluctant to share their struggles. Bell Let’s Talk encourages people to talk about mental health because in order to get better, it begins with a conversation. When we are physically hurt it is easily treatable and doctors are more willing to help. However, mental illness is invisible, it is an emotional pain that affects so many people of all ages. We need to take a stand recognize the problem and help people, instead of ridiculing them.

Depression is not a joke.

OCD is not a joke

Anxiety is not a joke.

Hypochondria is not a joke.

Mental health is not a joke.

Stop making a joke of something that affects people so much to point where they cannot function in their daily life. If you feel ashamed of dealing with mental illness, don’t! Get out there and open up because you have nothing to be ashamed about. I’ll open up about past or current struggles I’ve had with this.

I am a 27 (almost 28) year old female, I have been through my fair share of hardships in life. When I was sixteen years old, I used to have depression, anxiety and panic attacks. They were caused by the bullying I had to go through in middle school and high school, whch was a very rough period of my life. I wasn’t diagnosed fully because I was at a mild stage. I have a very strong will and I managed to get through it without medication, instead I applied cognitive behavioural therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a form of psychotherapy where the individual applies technique to change their thinking patterns. I didn’t want to give in to it and let it control me. Not many people are like me and in some circumstances medication is the answer. Seeking therapy to simply vent about your worries is not a bad thing. Counseling or therapy is good for you to express yourself, in addition, it’s good to explain to your family what you are going through because they might not understand. Be prepared, bring some reading material so they can educate themselves and understand why you are depressed, why you are anxious and so on.

You may ask me, why am I telling you this about myself? It’s simple, I am not afraid of sharing a weakness I had that made me stronger. However, there is something that  still affects me and it is SAD, Seasonal Depressive Disorder. Winter is very gloomy and it affects my mood greatly, I have to deal with this every winter but I talk about it and ask my family doctor about coping strategies. It helps greatly to speak to someone! Also, even though my anxiety is not what it was when I was teenager, I still get anxious about stressful events. The difference between then and now is that I am more open to talk about it with my friends and family. Never be ashamed of who you are, life has obstacles and sometimes we need help to overcome the challenges. Do not think you are alone, there is always someone who will be there to listen to you. I’ve been open with my family doctor about having hypochondria, fear of having a life threatening disease. Any symptom that seems out of the ordinary triggers those thoughts, but luckily I have a family doctor that is understanding and helps me. You see I am very open about these things, if it was before I would’ve been ashamed. I have nothing to be ashamed about, because I have overcome and still overcoming these obstacles.

So today, let’s start a conversation to lead to a better world where we are not afraid to seek help and talk about mental illness. Bringing awareness to mental illness also starts with societal change. Implementing programs to help people who suffer and have workshops to educate people about the effects of mental illness. Everyone has it, if someone say they don’t, then they are very good at hiding it. 

If you feel brave, please share below how you are battling mental illness. Let’s end the stigma and create change!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Travel Q/A

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on the final part of my West Coast travel story, but in the mean time I wanted to answer some travel questions. The purpose of these questions is to find out more about my travel preferences, and which countries I want to visit.



1. Where are you from in the world?
I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria which is a small country located in Eastern Europe, close to Romania and Greece. I am currently living in Canada and I immigrated here with my family in 2002.

2. Have you been overseas? When/Where?
Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled too much for past few years. I got the chance to start traveling when I graduated from university and got a job. I’ve only been to the USA, but I want to go to Japan this summer.

3. Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?
Definitely summer, because I can walk around and not worry about being cold. When it’s winter time, I am constantly thinking about how much I want to go inside and escape the cold. Plus, the summer is more fun and there is more to do.

4. Summer or winter fashion?
Definitely winter fashion, it’s easy to put together winter outfits. I am not a big fashion person, so when the summer rolls around, I have a hard time putting outfits together. I usually rely on Pinterest for fashion ideas.

5. Where is somewhere you would love to travel to?
There are so many places but a few are Japan, Korea, Italy, Spain, Norway, Austria, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tibet, Nepal, New Zealand and Iceland.

6. Name your essential makeup items for the beach
Nothing, I don’t wear makeup to the beach. If I put anything on, it would be a tinted lip balm.

7. Are you currently saving up for a trip?
Yes, I am saving up for New York City and Japan. Hopefully I can go to Japan in the summer 🙂

8. Do you like/dislike travelling?
I love it, I can’t think of a reason anyone would hate travelling. The thought of it sounds absurd, we live in such a big world and it would be shame not to see it all.

9. Name a place in the world you would love to shop.
Japan, I love Japanese fashion.

10. Who is your favourite beauty guru and where do they live?
I have lots of favorite beauty gurus i.e. itsJudyslife, Bubzbeauty, Ingrid Nilsen and more. Most of them live in the States and Bubzbeauty live in he UK.

11. What accent in the world is your favourite to hear?
I love the Australian accent.

12. How many countries have you visited?
One lol, but I’m working on adding more to the list.

13. Why do you travel
I travel to get away from the daily hustle of life, and remind myself that there is more to life than work. I also travel to get in touch with my inner peace and take that with me home and start fresh.

14. Favourite city or country?

15. Most memorable experience abroad?
Traveling to Cannon Beach, Oregon was an amazing trip. It was the first time I’ve seen the ocean and that was a big deal for me. It was super relaxing, my friend and I relaxed on the beach and had roasted marshmallows. It was the best!

16. Best item purchased abroad?
I love the Converse shoes I bought, a hat from Portland and a purse with smiley faces from Journeys.

17. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?
It might sounds like traveling can take a big chunk out of your bank account, and it can do that. However, it doesn’t have to be that bad because you can look for chartered flight which are cheaper, and booking a hostel. Hostels are significantly cheaper! Most of us cannot travel due to financial reasons, while others who can afford it make up excuses. Just pack up your bags and go, it’ll be the best thing you do.

18. Travel accessory you always pack?
A neck pillow for long flights.

19. Can you recite your passport # from memory?

20. Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or automobiles
Anything, airplane, train or car.

21. Top 3 Travel items?
Hmmm this one made me think, but it would be my electronics (laptop, camera, chargers), sanitary wipes (for when I am out all day or on the plane to wipe off any sweat) and travel size shampoo, conditioner and body wash. These would be the essentials, but of course, there are more.

22. Hostel or hotel?
I would prefer a hotel, but for a more inexpensive trip I would book a hostel.

23. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?
I am a repeat visitor, but I do enjoy visit new places too.

24. Do you read up on your destination for culture, history or safety or do you wing it?
Yes, I like to go prepared to a new country I’ve never been to before. I especially read about the country etiquette, I want to make sure I act respectfully. For example, Japanese people are very quiet and shy, I am more outgoing and loud. I would have to bring it down a notch if I’m interacting with a Japanese person, but I don’t mind doing that.

25. Favourite travel websites?
I like trip advisor because it offers great reviews, and tips when travelling to certain destinations.

26. Where would you recommend a friend to visit? City and why?
Well, I haven’t traveled too much but I would recommend Cannon Beach because of the amazing beach and peaceful town. Portland because it is small and hipsterish, and very unique. Lastly, Vancouver because of the amazing nature and landscape, it is one of a kind.

27. You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?
Asia such as Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, Taiwan and New Zealand. I want to explore the East, I am not that interested in the West right now.

28. Favourite landmark you have visited?
The Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, Canada.

29. Beach holiday or travel/explore holiday?
I can’t choose, I love both. It’s nice to go on vacation to lounge around and tan in the sun, but I also want to explore and discover new things.

30. To travel is to…
Feel alive and have an open mind about the world, travelling is fundamental for me and it changes you in a positive way.

Thank you so much for reading everyone, let me know what’s your favorite travel destination. I will be writing a post about my favorite foreign cuisines, so look forward to that 🙂

See you soon!


Note: Every blog graphic is created by me!

Understand Our Dreams!

Life is short, you never know what will happen in a day! In one day all you’ve ever wanted may come true, however there are people who will try to stop us.

People may claim they know what’s best for us, but we know  better than anyone. We are not meant to live life in misery and settle for less, just because that’s what other people do. No, you are a fighter and you work hard to accomplish what you want in life. You work day and night to make your dreams come true, but there are always those people who will discourage you.

I have only one question for those people: why?

Are you unhappy? Was there ever a time you wanted to accomplish something, but you didn’t? Are you jealous? Do you wish you had that drive and passion too? Do you simply wish no one is more successful than you? Do you not understand why this person is passionate about their dream or do you claim you know what’s best for them?

It could be a combination of all these factors, or people simply do not understand. You see most people are content with living a simple life, going to a job they somewhat like and following the same dull routine daily. I don’t know about you, but for me this is not a happy life. It’s like being a prisoner of this life society says we should live. According to society, you are born to go to school, then university, after that you graduate, get a job, get married, have kids, and retire. So that’s it? There has to be more to life than this, life is too short to do something you hate.

Whether your passion is to travel or change careers, you should feel free to do so without people’s objections. Nowadays it feels as if people are more opinionated than they were years ago. There are many celebrities who were told things to discourage them from pursuing a successful path. However,they didn’t listen to the negatives and continued working on their dreams. Here are some honorable mentions!

Oprah Winfrey

Image result for oprah winfrey

We all know how successful Oprah is today, she had her own talk show, TV network, magazine and so much more. Can you believe she was once told that she is “unfit for television”. Who is laughing now in her big mansion, and success. Oprah is a legend!

Lindsey Stirling

Image result for lindsey stirling 2016

YouTube sensation and violinist, Lindsey Stirling, used to be a contestant on the America’s Got Talent. Lindsey’s style of music is very unique, she clashes the worlds of classical and electronic music, while adding choreography to her performances. If you ask me, this is a  very unique style and I like it. However, Sharon Osborne who was a judge at the show told Lindsey the following, “You need to be in a group, what you are doing is not enough to fill theaters in Vegas”. Stirling has stated she was devastated and humiliated, but she turned this experience into the fuel she needed to succeed. She started a YouTube channel, from that it led her to earning millions of subscribers, millions of views on her videos, chart topping songs/albums and sold out shows. If that’s not hard work and determination, I don’t know what is.

J.K. Rowling

Image result for j.k. rowling

The beloved author of the series, Harry Potter, that defines my generation, faced obstacles too.  J.K. Rowling had a rough patch in her life when she was a jobless, and  adivorced mother with a dependent child. She suffered from depression, had difficulty making ends meet and applying for government welfare. She made it through the struggles, and she is now known as one of the most famous authors. We cannot be victims of our circumstances, we need to learn from them and become stronger.

Walt Disney

Related image

I grew up watching Disney movies, there are simply magical and so, so wonderful. Can you imagine, Sir Walt Disney was told that he had “lack of  imagination and good ideas”. The person who brought us Mickey Mouse, and many timeless classics triumphed on top of the adversities.

I hope these few examples of people who achieved their dreams was inspiring.

Today I have a message for people who tried to crush our dreams…please mind your own business! If you do not understand what it means to have a dream, do not interfere and dim the flame that fuels a person’s determination. I would encourage you to ask three questions, to gain a deeper understanding of a person who is a dreamer.

  1. Have you always felt this way about this?
  2. Why does it make you happy?
  3. How can I help?

Dreamers want to feel supported and have people who are rooting for them, trust me they will never forget this kind gesture.

To all the dreamers out there, keep dreaming high and mighty! Do not let small minds make you feel that something is impossible, it is only impossible if you think that. The mind destroys more dreams, than people do. Be brave, take risks and step out of your comfort zone. It all begins when you say, “I can do it”, prove it yourself!


Good luck lovelies! Make 2017 your year, but remember to take it easy too 🙂

See you soon!