Alberta Trip 2017 Part 1

Welcome everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, I love to travel. It brings me a sense of peace and of course, the adventure.

Last summer I embarked on a journey to the West Coast of Canada. I visited Vancouver and Whistler, I also went on a road trip to Portland Oregon, Seattle, and Cannon Beach Oregon. This was my first big trip and it was unforgettable. So I made it my goal to try and travel at least once a year. That meant that I had to save money instead of shopping for trivial things. Naturally that’s what I prefer, I rather spend my money to go on enriching adventures.

This summer I decided to go ahead and book a trip to Edmonton, Alberta and then drive down to Jasper National Park. One of the main reasons why I wanted to travel was to get away from my everyday life routine. I am also on sick leave at the moment for burnout, therefore, travelling was essential for me. In a hurry I booked my five day trip and I was eagerly waiting for my departure date. My friends live in Edmonton so they offered to stay with them and then go to Jasper, Alberta together. July 19, 2017 I departed to Edmonton at 7am, you know I’m not a morning person at all but for travelling I can be. The flight was approximately three hours, there is also a two hour time difference between Toronto and Edmonton. Upon arrival I took the shuttle bus from the airport to Chateau LaCombe Hotel. As I mentioned above, I stayed with my friend but because they were at work during the day I had to keep myself occupied in downtown. By the way, the airport is so far from the city. Anyways when I arrived at the hotel I informed one of the staff that I was going to stay there and wait for my friends to finish work. To my surprise this lovely gentleman offered to take my luggage and put in storage for free. I was thrilled and I thanked him for being so kind. Isn’t it so nice to meet people like this, it made my day.

I was very tired from my trip because I was woke up at 4:30am and when I got to Edmonton the time was two hours behind. I was desperate for sleep but I knew I had to move around to keep myself awake. So went to a cafe my friend recommended to visit. Remedy Cafe can only be found in Edmonton but I absolutely loved it. I believe it is a Indian Cafe based on the foods they had. I spend two hours there working on my laptop trying to make time go by faster.

 Afterwards, I thought it was time to get up and walk around. So I walked a bit throughout downtown, in all honesty Edmonton is not that exciting. If you come from big cities, like Toronto, Montreal or even NYC, you’ll feel disappointed. However, Edmonton has its own charm. There is a sense of community because it’s a smaller city. I found Edmonton’s charm when I discovered a beautiful view of the city by the hotel. I got a beautiful view of Saskatchewan river and the Muttart Conservatory, as usual I took a ton of photos.

 After I was done I went back to the hotel, took out my laptop and watched some Netflix shows until my friends came to get me. When it was time to go my friends and I went back to their place to catch up and chat for a bit.

After catching up my friends decided to take me to Whyte Avenue for dinner! Whyte Avenue is a hip and trendy area of Edmonton with various shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, basically if you want to party go to Whyte Avenue. I really liked the vibe of this street, there was so much to do. We decided to go and have Mexican food at Julio Barrio, the food was so good and it definitely satisfied a craving I’ve had for a while.

 After dinner we walked around to find an ice cream place, I was so full from eating so I decided to get tea. The coffee place we went was the cutest, the interior was very pretty and they even had a book/board games section.

  To sum up my first day in Edmonton was a success and fun, despite feeling a bit sleep-deprived.

DAY 2 – Edmonton

My second day in Edmonton began with a trip to the largest mall in North America, known as West Edmonton Mall. Why is it the biggest mall in NA, well it has a world water park, indoor lagoon, and so much more. I went out around 8:30am and I was there until 1 or 2pm. I explored and I was really jealous of their water park, I wish Eatons Centre had something like this. 


Around 2pm, I took the bus back to downtown and I found myself feeling super bored. Downtown Edmonton is not that exciting, so I didn’t know what to do to pass time until my friends got off work. So I hopped from coffee shop to coffee shop. Well, I only went to two coffee shops: Remedy Cafe and Starbucks.

Then it was time to go, so my friends and I went to a diner. I can’t recall the name of the area, but I liked it. We had delicious dinner and then we went home to binge watch the Big Bang Theory.

DAY 3 – Edmonton

This was technically my last full day to explore Edmonton, on that day I woke up around 7:30am to go and watch the K-Days Parade and capture some good shots. Before I went to see the parade, which began at 10am, I decided to go to Edmonton City Centre. Edmonton City Centre is a mall conveniently located in downtown. I waited until 10am for the stores to open because it was a gloomy and I needed to buy a sweater. Since we were driving down to Jasper later on in the day, I knew it was going to be a bit chilly so I wanted to be prepared. After I bought my sweater, I walked down to exit of the mall to go and watch the parade. But, I was greeted by the rain. I didn’t want to walk in the rain so I decided to go back in and window shop. When I travel, I do not like to spend money on trivial things I can get at home. My money usually is spend for food, and tourist attractions. I got the sweater I needed and I made way over to the parade. Despite the gloomy weather, there was a wonderful vibe of togetherness.

  That’s why I like to get away from the city and go somewhere less busy. Also the West seems to have a friendlier vibe, if that makes sense. I was there for about an hour but I started to get cold so I went back to the mall. Luckily there was a movie theater in the mall so I decided to warm up by watching Despicable Me 3. Such a cute movie, if you haven’t seen it then you must!

After the movie, I went to have lunch and then walked around downtown for a bit. I had to charge my phone before our trip to Jasper, so I went to the library to relax.

I will end the story here and share my Jasper adventures in my next post! Thanks for reading and if you’ve been to Edmonton, tell me what you liked about the city!

See you soon! 🙂


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