Struggles of Blogging

How many times have you sat down in front of your computer to write a post, but suddenly your posts didn’t seem that original?

That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately, blogging can be difficult especially when you are taking it seriously. Having a original and creative ideas can be difficult because you feel as if every topic has been used already by a blogger or a YouTuber. Let’s face it, there are a ton of bloggers and you have to try very hard to be unique, original and stay true to yourself. Throughout my journey as a blogger, I’ve noticed that I pay close attention to other bloggers and try to be like them. That being said, I don’t mean copying their content because that’s plagiarism. It means, I like the way they blog and what they blog about so a thought goes through mind mind that I should probably write about fashion or beauty or any other topic. I like both of these subjects, however I don’t consider myself a fashionista and I love beauty products but I am not an expert. I also do not enjoy writting about theser things. We may have the tendency to compare ourselves to other fellow bloggers and that’s when blogging becomes like a chore.

When I first started blogging, I wanted to write about things that I’m interested in for fun, but along the way I started to take seriously and treat my blog as a growing business. I am still learning a lot about blogging every day, marketing strategies change thanks to the expanding social media world. My biggest struggle lately has been to go back to doing blogging for fun, and my blog does get recognized, that would be great. But it is no longer an aspiration of mine because I just want to have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be about competition or anything else, it is simply a platform to express myself. That being said, other people use blogging for business purposes and that’s great. For example. I have an Instagram photography page and I want to flourish as a photographer, so one day I can turn it into a business. I have taken many photos of my friends, I was asked to be their wedding/engagement photographer and I want to continue doing that. But for this blog, it is meant as a hobby.

Another struggle some bloggers may relate to is narrowing down your blog to one or two specific topics. In the past, my other WordPress blog (jadoremusic), was about a variety of topics such as TV shows, books, food, beauty, travel and etc. A while back I read a post about blogging and the author of that post said that it is better to narrow down the category of your blog to one or two things. When I read that, I felt a bit discouraged because it meant that I had to change my style of blogging . I took two months to revamp my other blog and now it is solely about music and photography. However, after I did this I felt the need to write about other subjects such as cooking, travelling, and pretty much everyday life things. I am excluding fashion and beauty from this blog, sometimes I may post something related to it but don’t expect fashion look-books or makeup tutorials! My blog title is Daily Talk, I liked the name because it incorporates talking about anything and feeling as if you are talking to a friend over coffee. That is the meaning and purpose  behind my blog! I want readers to come here and just chat in the comments with one another about a particular topic I’m discussing.

In conclusion, I have learned that writing is not a smooth process and inspiration is vital. It is okay to have those day when you feel like writing is not going your way, don’t force it, leave it and come back to it another day. It shows in your writing that it feels forced, because it may sound like you are rambling. I have also learned that as long as you stay true to yourself, that originality will come and show on your blog. Be unique, express yourself and talk about what you want. Come up with a realistic schedule when you know for sure you can post, even if it is once a week, it is enough for now. Have fun with it, isn’t that what blogging and Youtube-ing is all about.


Thanks for reading, if you have ever felt this way please share your experience in the comments and tells us how you have overcome it.

See you soon!