Summer Tag! 

I can’t believe summer is coming to end, it always feels like it goes by too fast. 

This summer has been very adventurous one for me, and I’m looking forward to what Fall has in store for me. However, today I want to take my time to talk about summer. I thought the perfect way to do that is by answering some questions from the Summer tag. Tag posts/videos are very popular on social media and I enjoy them quite a bit. 

Now it’s time to sit down and tell you what I like about summer.


1. Your dream summer vacation.

My dream summer vacation would definitely be somewhere tropical. Being on the beach and going swimming is a perfect summer activity for me. This summer I had the chance to visit the beautiful Cannon Beach. I haven’t been to the beach in a long time, and I loved it.  

2. Favorite summer drink.  

I typically get a lemonade from Starbucks. For example, I like the Iced Passion Tea Lemonade. It’s delicious and refreshing.

3. S’mores or ice cream?

Why not, two in one!

That’s a very hard choice, especially for a summer treat. I prefer s’mores if I’m in the outdoors, camping and enjoying nature. Icecream is perfect on a hot summer day, and let’s face it, no one can say no to icecream. I have to choose both 🙂

4. Pool or Beach?  

Definitely the beach. I dislike swimming in a pool because of the chlorine, so the sea or ocean is the best option.

5. Would you rather spend a summer day outside in the pool or inside watching Netflix?  

Definitely outside in the pool, it would be a wasted day if I was inside. I leave Netflix for the winter, when I’m hibernating.

6. Your most fun summer memory?

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

It has to be when I went to the seaside in Bulgaria. Every summer I went with my family and I swam in the Black Sea. I guess that’s why I love the beach.

7. Favorite summer nail polish?  

I like pastel colours for the summer, but I typically like to wear dark colours.

8. Sunglasses or hats?

Both! I have very sensitive eyes so sunglasses are a must. As for hats, I must wear one to protect my head from the heat of the sun. If I don’t wear a hat, I begin to feel sick.

9. Favorite summer scent?

Nothing in particular, but if I had to choose it would be a floral scent.

10. Favorite BBQ food?

I’m a Pescitarian so I would pick veggie dogs aka the fake meat. I also like eating potato salad and corn on a cob.

11. Bikinis, tankinis, or one pieces?

Bikinis, I also like the bottoms that look like shorts.

12. Summertime Book recommendations.

I don’t have anything in particular right now because I’m in the middle of trying to finish five books. I don’t know which one to finish first, but I like the Game of Thrones of books.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun little post! Tell me what’s your favourite summer memory in the comments box 🙂 

Thanks for reading and see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Summer Tag! 

  1. theautotorium

    Great post and very engaging to read! So far my favourite summer memory has been heading to amsterdam and making a fool of myself in front of a very attractive guy aha! But I’m glad your Summer seemed to be a good one! Hopefully winter brings good memories too!

    (Please check out my blog if you have the time!)


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