Welcome to Daily Talk!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Daily Talk! Some of you may be making their way over here from my official blog, Lights, Camera, Play, or you may be here from searching lifestyle topics on Google. No matter how you got here, welcome to a place where you can relax and talk.

Welcome to Daily Talk

Think of this blog as a online cafe, where a community of bloggers and readers come together to discuss various lifestyle topics. My official blog used to be about lifestyle, but I changed it to focus on my two passions: music and photography. I loved talking about lifestyle, therefore I created a second WordPress blog.

What will you be seeing here? I’m glad you asked, I will be writing about fitness, health, beauty, empowering posts about personal self-growth, DIY projects and so much more.

Here is a short background about me and how I got started with blogging! I created my first blog in 2010 on Blogspot, I wanted  a platform where I had the opportunity to express myself and talk about my hobbies and interests. In 2013, I decided to switch to WordPress, because I wanted to reach a wider audience and with BlogSpot that was difficult. When I joined WordPress, my blog started to get recognized and I slowly gained following.

Earlier this year I wanted to relaunch my official blog because I wanted to focus on my professional career development, as an arts and culture worker. My main goal was to write music reviews and post my photography. So when I relaunched my blog, I wanted to continue writing about lifestyle, hence why this blog is here today.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts, it is going to be a great journey and I hope you join me 🙂

See you soon!

ps. Click on the link, to take a look at my official blog. If you like what you see, please click on the ‘follow’ button 🙂





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